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Dongguan JoonPang Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.

Dongguan JoonPang Plastic Mold Co., Ltd.(abbreviated as JoonPang Company) was established in September 2009. It is a professional large-scale manufacturer of R&D and production of precision structural parts and single/double-color mold design and manufacturing of plastic parts. It has injection molding , CNC processing, surface treatment, assembly components and other manufacturing workshops, providing mold development and precision structural parts products such as auto parts, PC, information, medical equipment parts and so on.
The injection molding production process of IMD (in-mold covering technology) successfully developed by JoonPang has been widely used in high-end plastic products such as automobile dashboards, home appliance control panels, and LOGO nameplates. Equipped with advanced CAD/CAM/CAE design software, equipped with specialized mold, injection molding, surface treatment and other processing and manufacturing equipment.



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